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Chemical Waste

Chemical waste poses special problems for businesses - just as it poses special problems to human health and the health of the environment. When you can’t just wash it down the drain or put it in the bin, Rechenberg Specialist Transport can take care of it for you safely, flexibly and professionally.

Rechenberg Specialist Transport offers EPA licensed transport facilities. We can also supply containers for safe, legal chemical disposal.

RST's chemical disposal service is available for any volume of waste, and unidentified chemicals are not a problem. Find out how RST's waste chemical services can better meet your business needs. Contact us

Chemical waste types

Rechenberg Specialist Transport can help you get rid of all types of restricted chemicals, including
  • Cleaners
  • Solvents
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Expired chemicals
  • Unidentified chemicals
  • X-Ray fixer and developer

Chemical waste pickup

Pickups for unwanted chemicals can be arranged either on a one-off or a regular basis. Rechenberg Specialist Transport requires no contracts, and charges the same competitive price whether you need a single pickup or a regular service.

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Rechenberg Specialist Transport can supply the necessary containers for chemical transport. A simple site visit can determine what you need - contact us to make an appointment. Contact us
  • Queensland's premier provider of regulated waste management
  • Queensland owned and operated
  • Service second to none
  • We adjust according to your needs
  • No contracts
  • Fully trained & uniformed staff
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